Audio Conference

Audio conference is an application in which you can record your posts advices or thoughts by your own voice. It works on the same basis like the Google or Yahoo conferences where you can browse through various topics in which you can enter and both read or actively get involved in the posts of other members.

The controls are intuitive and very simple to handle even by less advanced computer users.

Audio Conference also allows you to:
- Evaluate the quality of posts using reputation points. Obtained points this way will result into slight advantages such as the possibility of inserting multiple posts per day or a longer time limit for recording posts
- Attach text captions to the posts as URL addresses or names
- Lock any topic for limited access only to certain users
- Listen to some audio magazines without downloading and watching new numbers
- Insert polls for polling or voting (polls also allow the creation of competitions and quizzes )
- Listen to audio magazines that are released for free with the consent of the owner and are not part of paid content

On this page you will also find important information about the operation, and planned outages of the server. On this page you can download the application to your computer and unzip. Update Audio Conference are implemented through an automatic mechanism, so you do not need to keep watching or download anything from the Internet. Updates are mandatory for all, as improvements are always the most important matters. If you have any inquiries or comments I'll appreciate you to write at
or Skype chrochta

The rules of Audio Conference

Version 1.2 Updated 12th of February 2013
Valid from : 12th of February 2013
Audio conference is designed for the visually impaired. Anyone who signs up becomes a member of Audio Conference and agrees to the license terms for using this application and also the rules for use of the conference. The main and final word has the moderator Stanislav Brož, who may appoint his deputies "administrators". For inquiries and comments please contact the moderator at or your topic administrator. If you receive an opportunity to contribute to topics that are not public, do not abuse your login data for transmission of posts. information you entered during the registration procedure will not be provided to third parties and are only available to moderator. information is only used to distinguish individual users or sending messages about the conference status. infringement of these rules can result into exclusion of the users from Audio Conference. moderator may at any time modify these rules.

It is not allowed:
- To publish mutual personal disputes to an Audio Conference
- To use abusive or inappropriate language
- To pass your identity to other users
- To slander or insult other users of Audio Conference
- To dispurse or otherwise support software piracy
- To discriminate against minorities
- To use multiple accounts at once
- To use one account by more people

- Please note the objectivity of posts
- When not being able to contact you by e-mail (entered in the registration) or at the conference, the moderator will drop your account
- Always use the latest version of ZVkonf ( )

Paid modes of Audio Conference

Audio conference began work on the 3rd of May 2012, and it is completely free for visually impaired community. Since August 2013, the conference has become an international community with hundreds of users so members have started to call for higher quality service. From the 2nd of September 2013 Conference offers several affordable options for users:

totally Free
- Standard
4, - per year
12 EUR per year

When canceling the Standard or VIP mode user account passes to FREE mode, if the user fails to pay the fee for the next year. When canceling a Standard or VIP mode the amount for the expired time period will not be returned. Newly registered users after the 1st of October 2013 are given the Standard mode for two weeks to try, and it is also time for which they can pay a fee to upgrade. If not paying the anual fee the account will downgrade to the Free mode in two weeks.

The Free mode offers users free use of conference indefinitely with the following restrictions:
- Number of daily posts to send 3
- Daily limit of posts to send are not accumulated, the posts do not pass unused for next day
- The time limit for uploading a post 90 seconds
- 40 minutes of listening posts per day (audio magazines do not belong to this limit )
For this mode the reputation is only approximate value, in Standard mode the reputation increases the limit. It is possible to switch from Free mode to other modes at any time. In the Free mode it is impossible to buy packages separately.

Standard mode
This mode with the fee 4, - per year offers operation in a form that users have known from the beginning of the Audio Conference.
- Unlimited number of listened posts
- The scheme one year
- The lowest number of daily posts to send begins at 5 and increases with reputation
- The time limit for recording posts starts at 140 seconds and increases with reputation
- Daily limit for posts to send is accumulated for next days if user does not reach the daily limit

VIP mode :
- Daily increase of posts to send 11 (cumulative for the next several days, it is the highest possible)
- The time limit for uploading posts 280 seconds (it is the highest possible)
- The possibility to create up to 3 own topics (the right to admins only)
- The administration is set in self- created topics
- Unlimited listened posts
- In case of extension with new versions of the conference other benefits will also be added in this mode

How to order paid modes:
Pay Mode can be ordered directly from the Audio Conference in menu Tools - The annual fee. It is therefore necessary to register, to try it, and if you are interested in to select the mode in the annual fee dialogue, which country you are paying from and the payment method. For the Czech Republic and Slovakia there is available method of payment by bank transfer, to other states there is available Paypal method. After the upgrade to a higher mode and crediting the amount I will inform you via email and your account will be exalted in the shortest time possible. I suppose for 3 working days for the bank transfer and the day for payment identification. Please follow the instructions for payment, which are sent to your e-mail address entered when registering with the Audio Conference. In case of bad variable symbol of the transfer it may take longer to identify your payment. When paying by Paypal account include your user name on the Audio Conference.

The funds are used to operate Conference ( server, electricity ) and small financial rewards for language administrators and people who are actively involved in the operation. For inquiries you can contact me at Skype name chrochta or phone 604 273 919

Support audio conference

If you have a PayPal account, you can support the Audio Conference project by any amount. Thank you for your support.
PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! Report on operations

23rd of August 2013 7:30 to 1:00 p.m. - electricity turned off
5th of June 2013 8:00 to 10:00 - maintenance of the recording media posts
13th of May 2012 19:45 - conference after a reboot is necessary to use a newer version of 1.10
25th of April 2012 14:55 - Conference in operation, download the newer version 0.23
25th of April 2012 8:55 - Conference is temporarily out of service because of adjustments

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